Sunday Supper

Every Sunday Chef Fred offers a new menu.  Some new ideas he’s working on, some classic dishes a customer has asked to have again. But always different with the chef’s unique twist. The menu is posted the Saturday night before around 10pm, sorry calling won’t help but be patient it will be done.

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Sunday Supper Jan. 22nd, 2017

First Course

~ Pumpkin Tortolinni- mushroom cream sauce

~ Brussel Sprouts, Potato and Italian Sausage

mushroom cream sauce

~ Herb Goat Cheese–cranberry mustard & walnut bread crustini

~ Roasted Tomato, Lemon Mascarpone & Basil Crustini

Second Course

~ Arugula Salad

blue cheese, pear , red onion and honey vinaigrette

~ Romaine Salad

parmesan dressing, asiago and roasted garlic crustini

~ Soup du Jour

Main Course

~ Basil Pappardelle– tomato, black olive and ricotta salada

~ Ginger and Coconut crusted Tilapia

butternut squash and pomegranate reduction

~ Scallops – orzo and red pepper cream(add$3)

Venison and Rosemary Gnocchi Stew – hunter’s sauce

~ Beef Short Rib – smoked mozzarella polenta


~ Marshmallow Cheesecake– chocolate sauce

~ Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream

~ Creme Brulee– rosemary biscotti