Open That Bottle Night

As Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher write, whether it’s the only bottle in the house or one bottle among thousands, just about all wine lovers have that very special wine that they always mean to open, but never do. Open That Bottle Night is the world-wide celebration of friends, family and memories during which all of us finally drink that wine that is otherwise simply too special to open. On OTBN, which is celebrated on the last Saturday of February every year, thousands of bottles all over the world are released from prison and enjoyed. With them come memories of great vacations, long-lost loved ones and bittersweet moments. Come celebrate OTBN at elements! In addition to our normal menu for the evening Elements will have a special prix fixe dinner, so check out our offerings, make a reservation, and decide which special bottles and special people you’ll be bringing!

Feb 25th, 2012 – $30 per person

White Wine Menu

Red Wine Menu

First CourseCrab

chick pea / saffron / garlic

Second Course


shrimp / tomato / chive



pear / goat cheese / onion

Main Course


black berry / mushroom / marjoram



corn / udon / scallion

Dessert Course

strawberry / milk chocolate / cardamom

First CourseTortolloni

beet / orange / pecan / mustard green

Second Course


portobello / marsala / ras el hanout



red pepper / pecan / sherry

Main Course


tomato / sage / potato



bacon / black eyed pea / artichoke

Dessert Course

caramel / dark chocolate / port

Vegetarian main course available upon request