Feast in the Fields 2017

Elements Catering

In the continued effort to strengthen and grow the public awareness of the work of the local farmers, we continue a new and different step – not by taking the food to the guest but the guest to the food. We invite you to an evening of dining with Chef Fred former chef/owner of Elements Cafe on the 1895 Organic Farm in Lumberton NJ for…

Feast in the Fields 2017!

Hors d’oevres
Just made Tomato Bruschetta(on the table)
Smoked Eggplant and Blue Cheese Crustini,
Shrimp & Lemon Basil stuffed cucumber,
Grilled Cantaloupe with Beef Jerky Crumble
Alabama White Sauce glazed pork skewers

First Course

crab relish and sorrel infused oil

Second Course
Roasted Vegetable Salad
roasted garlic vinaigrette and grilled crustini

Main Course
Oregano smoked Chicken Breast,
lobster & sweet corn spoon bread, sweet/spicy pickled zucchini

Dessert Course
Blueberry Crumble, salted crumb crust and Popcorn Ice Cream
and just picked watermelons

***Vegetarian entrees available upon request***

~~~Fred and Mari, Kim and Wayne appreciate your understanding and your support during our annual dance with Mother Nature. ~~~